CSR 社会への取り組み


Aishitoto is a company which provides job opportunities
for retired people,
supporting the idea of deciding our
retiring age.

With Ms. Iwamoto’s thought, Aishitoto has no rules regarding the retiring age. The eldest staff is working energetically every day though reaching the age of 80. Aishitoto is a friendly company, where all employees are willing to learn and support each other regardless of the age difference.
Noticing that the elderly hold great endurance and patience, Ms. Iwamoto wishes to establish a heart-warming company, where everyone can work as long as they desire.

We’re building up a working environment where the
physically or mentally
impaired can work safely for a
long time.

The thought of working hard to help others has no difference regardless of whether or not having disabilities. We’re recruiting people with disabilities, wishing to establish a comfortable working environment, and spread the idea of teamwork and its happiness, and bring abundant life experiences to people.
We’re building up an environment where people can feel the joy of work and the happiness of life and fulfill their skills.

Sports Activities

We’re supporting the Kyushu Mommies Volley Ball
Championship, hoping to
give support to the moms.

Aishitoto is the official sponsor of the Kyushu Mommies Volley Ball Championship (Aishitoto Cup). Women are an important part of the family. With the thought of spreading positive energy and smiles to the mothers who work hard among all aspects of life at the sports event, we decided to support the sports event annually.
We always get moved by the positive spirit from the participating mothers, the loud cheering sound from their kids, and the atmosphere full of energy and passion through the games.
With the belief that a world will be prosperous once all ladies stay happy, Aishitoto will continue participating in the events, hoping to achieve the mission of bringing smiles to ladies all over the world.


We’ve been giving donations to the Children’s Hospital
of Fukuoka, hoping to save as many people as possible.

Children with serious illness spend most of their lives in the hospital but still dream about their lives outside of the hospital with hope. With the ambition to save as many children as possible, and to relieve the concerns of their parents, we’ve been giving donations to the Children’s Hospital of Fukuoka. The donations will be used in the research regarding the treatment of heart disease, and the improvement of convenience for all users. Aishitoto will keep devoting ourselves to supporting the future of our children.

We gave out donations with approximately JPY16,000 million to the areas
seriously affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In the hope of helping people from the affected areas back to their original lives as soon as possible, Aishitoto donated 6,200 pieces of underwear, and 190,000 pieces of makeup products, equaling a total amount of JPY 16,000 million.

We donated water resources to all residents in Kumamoto prefecture
in April 2016.

Beginning in April 2016, a series of shallow, moderate to large earthquakes with associated strong aftershocks struck the Kumamoto prefecture. Knowing that people lacked enough water, Aishitoto decided to provide water resources to the shelters and facilities in Kumamoto.

We donated 5,000 bottles of alcohol hand sanitizer to Fukuoka local

In response to the increasing demand for anti-bacterial products due to the surge in the confirmed cases of the COVID-19, Ms. Iwamoto decided to provide the hand sanitizer to as many people as possible without profit.
On April 2nd, when we visited the Fukuoka Prefectural Government, we met the governor, Hiroshi OGAWA, donating 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, which were provided to the family with members using artificial respirators and child care facilities.

We gave out donations to people from the areas affected by the heavy rain
in July 2020.

Aishitoto agreed to participate in the “WITH THE KYUSHU PROJECT” and donated 30,000 pieces of disposable masks to Fukuoka City Government, hoping to help people affected by the heavy rain.

Enlightening Activities

We’ve been launching the “Stop Drunk Driving” campaign,
hoping to save more lives.

We collected the opinions from all employees and launched the campaign of “Stop Drunk Driving.” From making slogan stickers that can be pasted on cars to the SNS posts related to the campaign, we’ll continue participating in the relevant activities to end drunk-driving cases and save more lives.