CSR 従業員への取り組み

Create a comfortable
work environment

Stay healthy to deliver health to our customers.

With Ms. Iwamoto’s kindness, Aishitoto decided to provide healthy, handmade meals for all employees at the company cafeteria for free.
We believe that staying healthy is the first step in delivering actual health to our customers.

Aishitoto is a company where both parents and children can come anytime.
We offer a free kid’s room where parents can leave their children there while working.

At the beginning of planning the company’s design, the first thing Ms. Iwamoto came up with is the “kid’s room.”
As a mother herself, Ms. Iwamoto decided to set up a free kid’s room with the thought of creating a comfortable workplace for all employees even if having children.
In our company, you can see the babysitter taking care of the newborns, children coming after school talking to employees with an energetic voice. Aishitoto is a company where women can work comfortably even after marriage or childbirth with a 100% return rate after maternity leave.

We hold the “Company Tour for Parents,”
showing the working scenario to the parents of our

With the thought that the best way to express filial piety to your parents is to show your working scenario, Aishitoto holds the “Company Tour for Parents” annually, inviting parents of the employees to visit our company and to have lunch together at our company cafeteria.
We always feel moved by the care and love from the parents to their kids through the event.